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    Armed with a laptop,
    wacom, and a sketchbook
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    Inspired by cartoons, comic books,
    film, and the Jedi
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    Carrying a camera, lightsaber
    and a passport

A Little About Me

A purveyor of pixelated perfection; a visionary of vibrant vectors; an illustrator of imaginative ingenuity. I'm a multidisciplinary designer with nine years of professional experience in illustration and visual design for console & social gaming, user-experience and user-interface, responsive, brand, print and mobile. I eagerly continue to explore other areas of creative design to grow further as a heavy-hitter designer. Sophistication with a balance of fun and quirkiness is a common theme throughout my work. I enjoy a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and a willingness to explore innovative ways of getting that "Wow!" reaction to a design...

I graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration/Animation for the entertainment-design industry. Since SJSU, my creative interests have expanded in various areas of design. Currently, I work as a senior level Art Director for Epsilon, a Fortune 500 global leader in design and strategy. Prior to Epsilon, I refined my various creative skillsets with companies like Zynga, DNA Games, Electronic Arts, and a veritable smorgasbord of other companies.

Oh, and I can also bake a mean Oreo Coffee Cupcake.


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Feel free to shoot me a message... I'm available via subspace channels on secure Starfleet coded frequencies. :)