PhytoHeroes was probably one of the more rewarding projects I’ve worked on as it flexes a lot of different muscles for me: UI/UX design, augmented-reality interaction design, game design, and social responsibility/awareness and education. In conjunction with an interactive museum exhibit, the PhytoHeroes app lets teachers and young students alike learn about the role of phytoplankton and the oceans in global environment and how we as a society impact the oceans on a day to day basis. While in the exhibit, participants with the use of their smartphones can interact with different phytoplankton characters floating throughout the exhibit in augmented reality.

Through the app, teachers can choose lesson plans that educate their classes on what kinds of small actions kids can take that make a substantial impact on the environment. Similarly, a social connectivity feature allows classrooms to ‘compete’ with each other through these different activities of environmental awareness.

As part of the regular lesson features of the app, students can also play the PhytoHeroes game, each level teaching them about environmental responsibility, further engaging them on how they can better care for the oceans and the global environment.