UI ANIMATION VIDEO - SuperPower Gallery

Everyone out there, young and old, has probably thought about what it would be like to have a superpower, even had lengthy conversations with their friends about which super power he or she’d have and the pros and cons of each. While SuperPower FX may not answer the questions of which super power is the best or what those pros and cons may be, it does offer you and I the ability to see ourselves with super powers.

A video editor app project a group of friends put together (and is available on the App Store), SuperPower FX allows someone to film their friends, themselves, their hamster and overlay an effect on the video. The result: a short clip of what it’d be like for YOU to have a super power. I created comic-book style characters to go with each effect animation. At the same time, I did my own version of a UI; the UI and effects currently seen on the app today was done by my friend Joey “Kumo” Wu.

Otaku Power. What makes the SuperPower FX app most successful are the geeks, the cosplayers, and the fantasy dreamers. SPFX was timed to launch relatively close to date of the 2014 San Diego ComicCon and the movie premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past.

What would your Super Power be? I guess mine would be flight or teleportation. Soaring above the clouds would be the ultimate First Class experience. Although, I often wonder if I'd be shot down for being an unidentified flying object. Hmm... Okay, maybe teleportation is the better way to go - instantaneously traveling from one place to another in a sulfuric puff of smoke (or in a glassy, rippley effect like that movie Jumper). Hopefully the blue skin or the tail come with the teleportation ability.