This generation will see the greatest mass extinction of animal and plant species around the world in 65 million years. We as humans have grown and consumed so much of the planet’s natural resources that species after species finds its way onto the Endangered Species list… and then disappears completely. It’s only a matter of time.

San Diego Zoo Global and its Wildlife Conservancy initiatives hope to reverse the sands of time by bringing awareness to the public and re-energize its donor base to make such efforts possible.

CHALLENGE: SDZoo’s Wildlife Conservancy current group of donors is aging and current methods of campaign awareness are outdated. As a massive initiative to not only reinvigorate their existing donors, SDZoo Global wanted to bring in a fresh body of donors from the millennial age group. However, SDZoo Global didn’t quite know how to reach that audience.

SOLUTIONS: Epsilon changed SDZoo Global’s methods of campaigning from print mailers and took a completely digital approach. As part of a large team, I took charge of the digital areas of web presence, TV spot storyboarding, and Snapchat partnered Augmented Reality experiences.

We tied together empty display cases with the messaging that if people chose to wait any longer, then ‘empty’ and ‘nothing’ would be the only things left of the vast number of species quickly on the decline. Through a partnership with Snapchat, these ‘empty’ display cases would have information about a specific endangered animal and use of the Snapchat app, scanning the Snapchat ID code allows a viewer, through his or her mobile device, to see what the animal would look like if it were standing in front of them.

The messaging goes on to say that if they continue to sit idly by, a digital experience would be all that remains of these creatures. But they have they have the power to help make efforts to conserve these animals possible.