Mobcrush is a streaming network where gamers and game enthusiasts alike can come together to play, watch, create and share their game experiences with each other. To continue being one of the leaders in the mobile-gaming streaming space, Mobcrush sought to remake its image, to improve itself in areas where advancements in technology were accelerating. I helped shape the User Experience and the Interface designs for the new line of Mobcrush products - everything from the core mobile app, the Mac Desktop app, and preliminary explorations for the website overhaul.

CHALLENGE: As other gaming networks continue to surface, such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, etc., Mobcrush needs to be at the forefront of content creation capabilities such as video cohosting across multiple users and devices; and simultaneously streaming to several social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, and even create 'snap-worthy' clips for Instagram and Snapchat.

SOLUTIONS: Mobcrush's endeavor to be able to broadcast to multiple platforms simulatenously required intensive dev work and a seamless, painless user-centric flow to link all these accounts together as well as a quick and intuitive experience to set up your gaming broadcast. Our core focus is the User and how to get him/her to their gameplay as quickly and efficiently as possible while at the same time being able to share on all of their social media outlets.