Delta Airlines is one of the leading airlines known for striving for consumer satisfaction and the ideal flight experience. But Delta is also known for keeping the employees of their massive fleet extremely happy, offering rewards programs such as Uplift. With Uplift, Delta employees can earn extra cash on the side for every customer they sign up onto the Delta American Express card.


In order to reach all of their employees, Delta needs to make sure it promotes the Uplift program across a wide gamut of platforms - from print, convention booths, emailers, mobile apps, and a responsive web design, video displays, all of which the design team at EPSILON were charged with designing, building, and refining each year.


This year’s theme played off of their status color scale and revolved around dyes and watercolors spreading and growing. The campaign visuals were carried everywhere from email campaigns, a website overhaul of the Uplift portal, video spots to be used in airport terminals, and physical banners of various sizes to be used either at the check-in counters, display stands at terminal gates, etc.