EPSILON was presented an opportunity to bid for a contract with Sonic Drive-In which would include a complete interaction and point-of-sale functionality overhaul of their current iOS app. We also wanted to propose the idea of tieing the experience of pre-ordering from the app to the signature experience of pulling up to a stall and interacting with a Sonic employee.

There was an opportunity to introduce a digital experience to a very human and tactile interface system ingrained in Sonic’s identity that would appeal to newer generations and invigorate a new consumer base.

CHALLENGE: Sonic Drive-In models its franchises after the classic American 1950’s drive-in diner; that ambiance, those signature experiences of pulling up in your car up to a drive-in stall and a server coming out on skates to bring out your food order - all of the things that make Sonic Sonic. However, how do we preserve these experiences but give them a digital, 21st Century overhaul?

SOLUTION: As mobile ordering/purchase applications become more and more integrated into daily routine, there had to be some way to merge the evolution of digital presence in day to day lives and the classic identity of Sonic Drive-In. We proposed a mobile pre-ordering application that would be able to sync with the Sonic stall upon arrival. With the drive-in stall syncing the order and the customer service employee knowing everything about the customer and the order upon arrival, the human interaction experience is not only seamless, it’s greatly enhanced.