During my time at Zynga, I spent considerable time working with different game designers and level designers, and it sparked a growing interest in User Experience. At the same time, I managed a very formidable art team; among them a very skilled group of User Interface designers. After I left Zynga, I wanted to give myself a creative/thought exercise of developing an app with streamlined user experience; considering my affinity for coffee and the Philz brand, it seemed only appropriate.

At the time of this project, Philz had a very basic mobile app. My concept was to make it a bit meatier and offer functionality that it had not yet considered - such as ordering ahead through the app. The result of this experiment was this concept which I was surprised to hear had caught the attention of Jacob Jaber, CEO of Philz and son of Phil Jaber, Philz Coffee founder. While the full app project was something they could not pursue at the time, I’m pleased to see that from our talks, Philz picked up a few ideas like incorporating the Order Ahead app in their business model.

While working out the visual design of the app project, I also developed a visual aesthetic that would fit for the brand's look and feel as well - branding, packaging, business cards, etc.