YouTube content creator, Paul Dateh, most noted for his viral video “Hip Hop Violin”, also has a media network of his own including podcasts, video casts (partnered with ISAtv), and his own recording albums. I support Paul Dateh Media in the ongoing capacity of Creative Director, designing and creating visual assets for web, video, audio, and social media.

[Video] ‘SUPER ANYTHING SHOW’ - ISAtv: Super Anything Show was a video news program on the ISAtv YouTube channel which featured stories and content upvoted and submitted by viewers - highlighting anything that the audience found interesting and ‘super’! Visual designs included motion graphics intro’s, lower-thirds, and other on screen graphics.

[PODCAST / WEB] ‘EFFING COOL SHOW’ - Other Frequency Network: Effing Cool Show was a podcast program put on by Paul Dateh and Chadwick Vargas. Essentially the audio version of what later became the ‘Super Anything Show’. Updated weekly, the Effing Cool Show needed a steady flow of visual designs to be uploaded whenever the next episode was ready for broadcast.

PAUL DATEH: While balancing content creation collaboration with other artists, Paul also worked fervently to create his own music. Available now on Google Play, Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes, much of Paul’s music also needed cover art to go with his albums and singles.