As the tech sector of our society expands and becomes more rooted in how we live and work each day, hardware and software companies strive to bring their A-game to an increasingly competitive market. As part of their strategy to make as bold a statement as their competitors, Hitachi Data Systems overhauled their website to better present themselves and their products in an arena that is fast becoming younger, more demanding and craving for that ‘sexy’ in-thing.

CHALLENGE: Hitachi Data Systems has a lot of content. A lot. No, seriously, a lot. The amount of content they have became a frequent chuckle-point during client meetings and reviews. I worked closely with the UX designers to create a visual design that prioritized their content in a simplified, clean way but did not diminish its value for the sake of a cleaner layout. We designed the flow of the website as well as the content strategy around different user personas that we felt best embodied Hitachi's targeted consumers.

SOLUTIONS: Visual design solutions were designed to be simple, yet bold and modulear. I proposed a vibrant visual system that created simplicity, hierarchy and balance. Components introduced into the new website, such as collapsible modules, etc., offer different user personas the ability to show/hide information relative to them and their consumer needs.