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A purveyor of pixelated perfection; a visionary of vibrant vectors; an illustrator of imaginative ingenuity, I'm a multidisciplinary designer with nine years of professional experience in illustration and visual design for console & social gaming, user-experience and user-interface, responsive, brand, print and mobile. I have worn a number of hats in my creative career thus far... I enjoyed them all and still I have a fierce yearning to explore other areas of creative design to grow further as a heavy-hitter designer.

I graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Illustration/Animation focusing in the film and entertainment-design industry. Since my collegiate career, my creative interests have expanded in motion graphics, user-experience, user-interface, and branding design. Currently, I work as an Art Director for Epsilon / Alliance Data Systems, a Fortune 500 global leader in marketing and design, working on projects for Hitachi Data Systems, American Express, Oceanic Scales (and Blue Trail - UCSC), Wells Fargo and others. Prior to finding myself at Epsilon, I refined my various creative skillsets with various companies like Zynga / DNA Games, Inc., Electronic Arts, YesVideo, and a veritable smorgasbord of other independent companies.

Sophistication with a balance of fun and quirkiness is a common theme throughout my work. I enjoy a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and a willingness to explore new and innovative ways of getting that "Wow!" reaction to a design... Oh, and I can also bake a mean Oreo Coffee Cupcake.


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work experience

EPSILON (2014 - present)

Art Director II

I create innovative solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients including American Express, Adidas, Apple, Google, Hitachi Data Systems, Delta Airlines and many more. I concept and direct the visual design around user-experience research and architecture and establish the visual standards for each project I am entrusted with while adding a bit of flavor and elegance to the designs that I bring.

Zynga (2011 - 2014)

Associate Art Director (& acting Art Producer)

I guided and mentored a team of 20+ extremely skilled and talented artists. Through the visual styles and standards that I've set, I ensured design consistency for the ChefVille and CoasterVille games while providing my art team various opportunities to expand their own skillsets and explore other areas of game design that piqued their curiosities. My responsibilities as Art Producer included pipeline and timeline scheduling, external vendor coordination, and project management.

DNA Games (2010-2011)

Graphic Designer

One of an art team of four, we worked fast, hard and pretty damned efficiently to shoulder production and successful launch of three titles. We each got our fill of doing concept design, gameboard asset design, UI design and animation. Responsibilities essentially included taking any and every creative project and hitting the ground at break-neck speed. With the support and collaboration of the other artists and the rest of the DNA team, we put out some creative titles that made social gaming giant, Zynga, go "Woah..."

Creativity • Innovation • Fun

"People want to be creatively satisfied, and having fun is such an important part of that." - John Lasseter

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what I do

illustration & concept design

Originally trained for the Entertainment Design industry, I bring to the table illustrative skillsets including character design, background and environment design, storyboard design, game design and animation principles. I offer a unique insight on how to bring life to anything I imagine or create for.

UI design & UX collaboration

Creative design supported by data, research and hierarchy. I lean more on the UI visual design side, but that is not to say that I don’t have an appreciation for the UX side. The two, UI and UX, are symbiotic and I’d like to think that my design for a product’s experience is borne from the proper research, data, and user interviews needed to make the design successful as well as beautiful.

game design

That magical arena where playing and designing merge. Imagination and creativity come together to create exciting worlds built around goals and challenges for players. My experience in the gaming industry includes level design, in-game cinematic storyboarding, character and asset design, product design, and more.

art direction & team management

I’ve been fortunate to have led large-scale projects from concept and production to launch. I’ve set creative standards, streamlined processes, and managed production pipelines. But I couldn’t have done it without my Jedi-master-level art teams I’ve had the privilege of assembling and leading. The successes of any project stem from the collaborative nature of the team that designed it.

Creativity through collaboration and connecting with people.

Thanks for the love.

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